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Welcome to
Cambridge Healthcare
Supplies Limited

A family led, independent pharmaceutical company established in 1997, focused on ensuring healthcare professionals and patients have access to high quality medicines.

We are committed to ensuring that our business objectives are customer centric and aligned with that of the healthcare professional, which in turn guarantees we add value to our customers and their patients.

Our team prides itself on excellent customer service and ensures that the patient is at the forefront of all decisions we take.

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We distribute our medical products to hospitals and pharmacies throughout the UK either directly or through approved pharmaceutical wholesalers. If you are interested in becoming an approved distributor or wish to order one of our products, please click on our healthcare professional link.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cambridge Healthcare Supplies we believe in making a positive contribution to both the environment and society. It is fundamental for us to conduct our business with honesty and integrity from the start of supply chain to the end point of patient use.

We are currently in the early stages of developing our CSR strategy, however we have already made steps towards developing our 3 pillars of corporate responsibility and incorporating these within our daily activities.



We continuously look at opportunities to adopt best practice and reduce our environmental impact. Some of our recent initiatives include:

Use of recyclable packaging material for the distribution of stock, recycling of waste on site, energy efficient lighting in our distribution warehouse and offices, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, battery recycling, external couriers to reduce carbon footprint and need for an on-site vehicle, investing in Video Conferencing to reduce business travel.

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Cambridge Healthcare Supplies appreciates and honours the importance of our people, creating an inclusive environment where employees, customers, suppliers, healthcare professionals and patients feel respected and valued.

We offer equal opportunities to our employees and business partners and work to ensure an inclusive, diverse and supportive culture.

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Donations to healthcare charities, support staff to participate in fundraising activities.

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